L.I.S Policy

When you book a car for a as directed within the M25 our prices start from £50 per hour depending on what vehicle is requested with a minimum 3hours booking, if you travel outside the the M25 then there is a automatic  £20 increase so the 3 hour minimum becomes  £210 for vehicles such as S class amg, BMW 7 series, Range Rover, audi A8 depending  on  availability. 

Mercedes E class and BMW 5 series are  £40 per hour within M25 also with automatic  £20 increase outside the M25.

We accept all major credit cards including Amex and Debit cards.

General waiting time is charged at 50p a minute, so for example 60 minutes at 50p a minute calculates to £30 an hour. 

On all pick ups except airports there is a 15min grace period from pick up time before charges commence.

Airport waiting time is charged at 50p a minute after the flight has arrived but you get 89minutes free, however after the 90th minute we then charge a hours waiting time which equates to £30 and then 50p for every minute after that.

Our drivers monitor the flights and will only enter the terminal once your flight has landed. Our drivers are fully aware of possible delays with luggage and immigration and customs.

Please note : car park costs are chargeable.

To book email us at l.i.s1@outlook.com

Book car via phone or email
All major credit cards accepted
Cash payments welcomed